Oliver Machinery Historical Archives

Oliver Machinery was started in the late 1800's and has quite a history manufacturing various types of machinery. We had an archive of old documentation that we scanned and organized. Below is a collection of these documents in .pdf format. 


If you own or come across one of these older machines and need parts, the folks at RT Machine can most likely help you out.

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201 Boak Ave
Hughesville, PA 17737


12 Inch Speed lathe

16 + 18 Inch Heavy Duty Engine Lathes

Accessory Equipment for Woodturning Lathes

No. 1 Universal Vise

No. 11 Variety Saw Bench

No. 12 Hand Planer and Jointer

No. 14 Hand Planer and Jointer

No. 15 Band Saw 38 Wheels

No. 15 R Band Resaw + Scroll Saw

No. 16 Band Sawing Machine

No. 18 Wood Turning Lathe

No. 19 Speed Lathe

No. 20 Pattern Makers Lathe

No. 21 22 23 Large Pattern Lathes

No. 21 Pattern Makers Combination Lathe

No. 26 Heavy Pattern Makers Gap Lathe

No. 34 Disk and Spidle Sander

No. 36 Swing Cut Off Saw

No. 41 Disk Sanders

No. 45 Hand Feed Rip Saw

No. 47 T 16 Inch Heavy Duty Turret Lathe

No. 51 K Motor Headstock Lathes

No. 51 Speed Lathe

No. 59 Junior Speed Lathe

No. 60 Universal Saw Bench

No. 65 Self Feed Rip Saw

No. 66 Pattern Makers Heavy Gap Lathe

No. 70 Variety Saw Bench

No. 71 Horizontal Boring Machines

No. 72 Single Spindle Borer

No. 73 Vertical Borer

No. 74 Universal Vertical and Horizontal Wood Boring Machine

No. 80 Variety Saw Bench

No. 81 Close Center Borer

No. 82 Two Spindle Borer

No. 88 DXH Hydraulic Wide Capacity Saw Bench

No. 88 Extra Large Capacity Saw Benches

No. 91 Vertical Hollow Chisel Mortiser

No. 92 Power Feed Vertical Hollow Chisel Mortiser

No. 94 Cut Off Saws

No. 94 Non Ferrous Straitline Cut Off Saws

No. 95 Straitline Ripper

No. 96 High Speed Under Swing Cut Off Saw

No. 102 Pattern Milling Machine

No. 115 Band Sawing Machine

No. 115 S Metal Cutting Band Sawing Machines

No. 116 Band Sawing Machinie

No. 122 Automatic Feed Facing Planer

No. 122 Facing Planer

No. 125 D Single End Tenoner

No. 127 M Belt Grinder and Polisher

No. 133 Hand Planer and Jointer

No. 136 High Production Swing Saw

No. 144 8 inch Jointer

No. 159 12 in Wood Lathe

No. 166 Hand Planer and Jointer

No. 167 Lathe

No. 169 Production Double Surfacer

No. 170 Straitoplane

No. 174 Sideoplane

No. 181 Oscillating Spindle Sander

No. 182 D and No. 182 DB Disk and Disk Belt Sanders

No. 183 Reversible Belt Sander

No. 184 Reversible Belt Sander

No. 185 D Hand Block Moulding Sander

No. 189 Hand Planer and Jointer

No. 190 Universal Scroll Edge Sander

No. 191 Tilting Arbor Motor Driven Saw Bench

No. 192 Heavy Duty 18 inch Band Saw

No. 193 7 inch Motor Driven Saw Bench

No. 194 Mortiser

No. 195 V Semi Automatic Double End Mitre Saw

No. 199 Single Surface Planer

No. 202 Electric Moulder

No. 232 Tilting Arbor Saw Bench

No. 261 Single Surface Planer

No. 271 Double End Convertible Automatic Boring Machine

No. 272 Single Spindle Borer

No. 273 Jig Saw

No. 281 D Double End Drum Sander

No. 282 Vertical Drum Sander

No. 285 Single Spindle Shaper

No. 287 Single Spindle Shaper

No. 288 Double Spindle Shaper

No. 298 Belt Sander

No. 299 24 inch Single Surfacer

No. 310 Single Spindle Carver

No. 316 Band Cut Off Saw

No. 381 Heavy Duty Oscillating Single Spindle Sander and Metal Grinder

No. 382 20 inch Disk Sanders

No. 383 Oilstone Tool Grinder

No. 384 Oilstone Tool Grinder

No. 395 Hydraulic Cutoff Saw

No. 399 18 Single Surface Planer

No. 416 36 inch Band Sawing Machine

No. 488 Drawer Fitting Shaper

No. 494 Double Cut Off Saw

No. 496 Vacuum Chip Collector

No. 562 Electric Brazer for Band Saw Blades

No. 585 Oilstone Tool Grinder

No. 694 Computerized Cut Off Saw

No. 838 Plate Saw

No. 849 Heavy Duty Steel Plate Saw

No. 950 Straitline Ripper

No. 2002 Tilting Arbor Saw

No. 2003 Tilting Arbor Saw

No. 2026 Jig Saw for Steel Rule Die Work

No. 2066 20 inch Single Surfacer

No. 2070 18 inch Straitoplane

No. 2085 Oilstone Tool Grinder

No. 2094 Extrusion Cutoff Saw

No. 2159 Lathe

No. 2168 2169 Screw Bed Single Surfacers

No. 2255 56 57 58 + 2355 56 57 Woodturning Lathes

No. 2259 Lathes

No. 2267 2268 2269 2270 Wedge Bed Single Surfacers

No. 2416 36 inch Band Saw

No. 2436 36 inch Band Saw

No. 2694 Optimizing Saw

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