For commercial woodshops, furniture makers and other businesses, we offer top-quality woodworking tools that can handle any project.


For high-end hobbyist or small commercial operations, we proudly offer our Heritage Collection of smaller capacity woodworking tools.

Oliver HCX Cutterhead ImageOliver HCX Cutterhead Image

Oliver HCX Cutterheads

Oliver has been manufacturing industry leading planers and jointers for over a century. We have also been outfitting our machines with our own brand of high quality helical cutterheads and inserts for over 20 years. Our manufacturing experience and knowledge of cutterhead technology is used in our HCX cutterheads for our entire product line of planer and jointer machinery.

Oliver Machinery Grand Rapids locationOliver Machinery Grand Rapids location

About the Oliver Machinery Company

Woodworking Machinery company - Oliver Machinery can trace its roots all the way back to 1890 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company, founded by Joseph W. Oliver, originally designed and manufactured wood trimmers that reduced labor time from 15 minutes to only a few seconds, winning Oliver a gold medal for merit at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris.


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