Cuz-D INDUSTRIES Straight Flush Saw - Best Multifunctional Circular Saw and Blade (8-1/2 Inch), Worm Drive Undercut Saws for Woodworking

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"STRAIGHT FLUSH SAW SFS-85Cuz-D Industries Inc. has designed a revolutionary tool that has more capabilities than five of the industry leading construction tools combined! With a combo of increasing production speed and delivering a higher quality end result, this circular saw is appealing for both the professional or DIY home craftsman. This innovative design makes it possible to do the job with just one saw. As a company, we are working hard to create a more expansive tool set including both corded and cordless saws along with a variety of accessories for all of your building needs.◆ FEATURES◆The Straight Flush Saw is a true multitasker. The 8.5" flush cut recessed blade allows for deeper controlled cuts. It is built with a more powerful motor with up to 11.5% more torque than ordinary circular saws. As well as the most versatile bevel on the market ranging from -5-65 degrees. It also includes a removable blade cover, deployable front deck for nose and plunge cuts as well as cutting into corners with speed and ease. The built-in dust extractor will help keep the job site cleaner. The strong alloy metal body makes this saw strong and durable for tough jobs. Users also appreciate the trigger guard retract for increased safety as well as the rotating handle for further versatility. The electric plug-in cord provides continuous power without the hassle of a battery charger or the worry of dead batteries. Other components include a 28 tooth blade, vacuum port and instruction manual.◆ ZERO CLEARANCE CUTTING◆Enjoy the the max benefit from this uniquely designed saw. Use it to your advantage and get finishing work done faster saving you time and money. Quickly cut door jambs, undercut base board or door trim without causing damage to walls or floors.◆ WARRANTY◆Add this high powered, easily portable machine to your collection and enjoy a warranty for two (2) years."

About this item

  • Quality construction: made with magnesium alloy which is light weight like aluminum and strong like titanium. ergonomic design makes saw tool easy to hold and maneuver for a variety of jobs. this stand alone handheld circular saw is fully portable and easy to use. add it to your tool kit today!
  • Bevel cutting: this corded, flush trim saw boasts a cutting capacity from -5 to 65 degrees with flexible depth adjustment making it the most versatile bevel in the industry. this wide range protects drywall, wood and other surfaces while making flush cutout. multi-purpose abilities saves time.
  • Built in rip guide: circular saw guide rail helps to make make straight, accurate rips and cuts with ease and speed all without using a chalk line. perfect attachment for use in trimming, edge or frame work and other house jobs. flush cut keeps sheet rock, laminate, tiles and pipe damage free.
  • Rotating handle: this hand held circular saw features a comfortable, natural feeling grip. designed with a rear handle that is made to rotate and lock in place. turn to a 45 degree angle for bevel cuts or 90 degrees for undercutting so you can use it as a true multipurpose circular cutter.
  • Zero clearance flush cuts: this hand held saw makes a big impact! it makes framing, flooring, and other tough home projects much easier without damaging walls! can be set to adjustable depth as well as in place of a reciprocating saw. it is also a very fast way to cut out doors and windows!

Unique Capabilities

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Zero Clearance Flush Cutting

Cleanly extract sub-floors without damaging sheet-rock, wires, and plumbing. With the ability to set a negative five degree bevel, the blade is lifted away from the wall, so finished walls are not damaged. The adjustable cutting depth, in combination with zero clearance cutting, helps prevent unnecessary damage to material beneath the sub-floor.

Zero Clearance Under Cutting

Easily perform undercuts for new floor installations. Simply rotate the adjustable handle to the 90 degree setting and the saw is ready to under cut. As an added feature, leave the dust extractor on to make a 3/8" offset perfect for tile and laminate wood flooring installs.

Zero Clearance Nose Cutting

Quickly take the thresholds out of doorways or cut all the way into a 90 degree corner. With a nose cut depth of 1-9/16", there is no need for depth adjustment when nose cutting a 2x4 board. Ideal for cutting window and door openings in a standing wall.

Beam or 2x4 Cutting

Cut through two 2x4 boards or a 4x4 in one pass. The unique cutting depth also allows cutting a 6x6 beam with just two passes.


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More Information

More Information
Net Weight 14.3 lbs
Overall Dimension ‎20.5"L x 5"W x 13"H
Gross Weight 23 lbs
Model Number SFS-85
Stock Number Cuz-D SFS-85


  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Zero Clearance Saw. Happy Customer!
    2 months review, self-employed 25+ yrs, family owned business 150+ yrs. Needed to make 300+ feet of 0 clearance cuts and this saw did it flawlessly. One review said it has a plastic base, but I cut into it and it's made of metal, probably magnesium, with a coating that makes it feel like a plastic. If you need to make 0 clearance cuts, this is the saw to get, hands down. Extremely well built, worm drive motor will last forever, everything is heavy-duty, much more so than any of the other saws I've personally owned. Very impressed, even showing it off to anyone I think would care about such a thing.

    That said, this won't replace my daily use circular saw. In my opinion it's too heavy and cumbersome for what we do most. But for what it does there's nothing better. Some people complain about the proprietary saw blades, but I don't see how they could use a normal blade and still be 0 clearance because the arbor nut would get in the way. The 8.5 inch blade is capable of deeper cuts than your typical 7.25 inch saw. This is especially useful for cutting most I-joists in one pass, which your normal circular saws are not capable of.

    If I'm going to buy a saw for one specific job that doesn't come up very often, it's really nice that it has a larger blade on it. I will most likely use this saw for it's deeper cut more often than the 0 clearance feature. Very happy customer. This is a monster of a saw,.. in a good way. Thank you Cuz-d for making this saw, you saved me a ton of time replacing 40+ sheets of subfloor.

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