Oliver Machinery Launches Online Woodworking Tool Store

Oliver Machinery recently launched its new ecommerce site, which is designed to provide online shoppers across the United States with first-class woodworking products at affordable prices.

Oliver Machinery is also offering a competitive shipping rate on its products allowing buyers to not only shop from the comfort of their homes, but also enjoy a reduced shipping cost on their purchases. The new site is easy to navigate and provides visitors with features to locate their favorite products and compare different models with minimal effort.

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Oliver Machinery’s online store will offer the same products that our authorized dealers carry, giving customers access to a wide range of high-quality woodworking power tools including lathes, table saws, planers, jointers, and a large variety of other tradition woodworking machines. There will also be surplus machines and parts available for purchase.

"We are thrilled to launch online shopping in the US market," says Rod Nelson, General Manger for Oliver Machinery. "This significant milestone fully rounds out Oliver Machinery’s multichannel offering. Along with close to 200 dealers, our US customers will now have 24-hour access to the best of our woodworking tools and accessories via their computers, smartphones, and tablets from anywhere."

To further highlight the launch of the online store, Oliver Machinery will offer a 5% discount for all online purchases at regular prices made January 6-31. To take advantage of the offer, customers may use the OLIVERONLINE5 code at check out to receive this discount.

The website launch of the online woodworking tool store underlines the company’s desire to serve its customers all across the US, ensuring they can shop more easily and safely. To maintain the high-quality of customer service that people expect, Oliver Machinery provides secure access, secure communications and payment information, allowing our customers to shop for their favorite machine without any hassle. And any customer service needs are handled in a friendly, professional manner.

About Oliver Machinery

Woodworking Machinery company - Oliver Machinery can trace its roots all the way back to 1890 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company, founded by Joseph W. Oliver, originally designed and manufactured wood trimmers that reduced labor time from 15 minutes to only a few seconds, winning Oliver a gold medal for merit at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris.

In 1908 Oliver introduced the round cutterhead, a much safer alternative to the standard square cutterhead. The new safety feature was so apparent that many states soon began requiring their installation.

In 1923 Oliver introduced the Straitoplane, a combination planer and jointer that could plane a warped board perfectly flat and straight on both surfaces in one pass. In 1929 Oliver sold over 9,000 of these machines. Other woodworking machine companies have since copied the design, testifying to its quality and distinctiveness.

Over the span of the twentieth century, Oliver adapted to the ever-changing American economy, manufacturing bread-slicers during the Depression, saws for cutting aluminum, brass, copper, steel and titanium during World War II, and packaging and printing machinery during the 1950's and 60's.

By 1994, Oliver had produced over 150,000 machines, 75,000 of which were still in operation on a daily basis worldwide. And even though the company was over 100 years old, Oliver was still modern enough to proudly supply the saw used to cut the ceramic tiles used on the space shuttle.

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