Oliver Machinery’s New Bench Top Planer. Press Release 2/18/2021

All the Bells and Whistles and Much More.

Renton, WA – Woodworkers short on space, but high on expectations will want to look at Oliver Machinery’s latest Tradition of Innovation product. The model 10044 12-1/2” planer is small in stature, but big on performance. Utilizing a US-made BYRD Shelix cutterhead, this planer produces a finish equal to its industrial siblings and combined with the accuracy of a Wixey DRO, you get a package that is hard to beat.

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“When we looked at what was being offered, we wanted to give the customer a choice where an aftermarket cutterhead and adding a DRO was not needed” said Rod Nelson, Oliver’s General Manager. He went on to say “Buying a new planer only to spend almost $600.00 to make it how you really want it didn’t seem right, so we worked with BYRD Tool and the premier builder in Taiwan to produce this gem”.

Additionally, the planer features a powerful 2HP 15Amp 115V motor with a magnetic switch and thermo overload protection. In addition to protecting the motor, the switch prevents any unwanted restart in the case of power interruption."

Oliver’s design features 4-post to ensure cutterhead alignment to the table and they added a carriage lock for stability during operation. They also use a cast base that includes carry handles that is easier on your back when moving and does not put any stress on the machine’s post or carriage. With the foldable extension wings it’s easy to carry and can be set on a shelf when not being used.

Moving the cutterhead to the desired position is quick and easy with a top mounted crank handle and setting your depth of cut is a breeze with the built-in material removal gauge. In addition to the Wixey DRO which features absolute and incremental settings, the 10044 includes an easy-to-read manual scale.

Dust collection is a must on any planer and the model 10044 features a blower to assist in ejecting the chips as well as a 4” angled dust chute with a 2-1/2” adapter for those using a shop vacuum.

As with all Oliver products, the 10044 includes a 2-year parts and 1-year electrical warranty as well as a lifetime of technical support. To get yours, visit an authorized dealer or visit their website at www.olivermachinery.net.

About Oliver Machinery

Woodworking Machinery company - Oliver Machinery can trace its roots all the way back to 1890 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company, founded by Joseph W. Oliver, originally designed and manufactured wood trimmers that reduced labor time from 15 minutes to only a few seconds, winning Oliver a gold medal for merit at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris.

In 1908 Oliver introduced the round cutterhead, a much safer alternative to the standard square cutterhead. The new safety feature was so apparent that many states soon began requiring their installation.

In 1923 Oliver introduced the Straitoplane, a combination planer and jointer that could plane a warped board perfectly flat and straight on both surfaces in one pass. In 1929 Oliver sold over 9,000 of these machines. Other woodworking machine companies have since copied the design, testifying to its quality and distinctiveness.

Over the span of the twentieth century, Oliver adapted to the ever-changing American economy, manufacturing bread-slicers during the Depression, saws for cutting aluminum, brass, copper, steel and titanium during World War II, and packaging and printing machinery during the 1950's and 60's.

By 1994, Oliver had produced over 150,000 machines, 75,000 of which were still in operation on a daily basis worldwide. And even though the company was over 100 years old, Oliver was still modern enough to proudly supply the saw used to cut the ceramic tiles used on the space shuttle.

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